Devising in nurse job interview

The adoption interview of jobs for nurses, if you question why they quit before the Council, « now hate in human relations.
 » Or « was in overwork broke the body.
 » The nurse to respond obediently If you have also.
I hope the honest, but, this is one, and so in many cases forgo adoption anxious to reverse not be the same thing also worked anywhere in the hospital.
If the workplace human relations, it might fatal because there is a part that should not and absolutely does not work in a team.
However, why the out going tease whether it was so, for example, this is nurse is too too can work, Maybe you harassed from the senior nurse, Maybe you are that of imitation power harassment, the person is also when there is no reason.
(But it is not possible to swallow in just the person is saying without permission.) In such a case, « now hate in human relations.
 » Instead of putting in the reply that, if became why so better to answer what was created to ask yourself is, it can more accurately judge as listener.
As for also overwork, specifically is better to show whether it was how much of overwork, I think also easy to compare with our hospital personnel managers.
The match of the criteria of overwork that feeling of nurses can see, you can extra determined that such would ill When you come to our hospital.
Although the answer in the interview is the principle is simple and clear, about what I think I want you to recognize just individual parts correctly, and on the prelude, but will be charged for your time more or less, it is sufficient to say think.
All rather than better of brevity, I want you to know yourself to the other party, for the part that I want you to understand, it might be better to set forth the facts in your own words.
It is of course to state honestly is, in order to get to understand correctly the opponent is, I think most will find you is that it does not me also adopted anywhere in the hospital is the first in the written answer.
Background of the summarized words you think because you different to each person to lead to better results by explaining that part clear.

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