Job Description of nursery

Nursery work the contents of, most is to enjoy yourself and have fun with the children.
What child is, by playing, by being involved with a variety of experience and friends and teachers, human relations, to learn the way people relate to people, how to teach when you are how involved to do Ya trouble with the children, while playing or teach is important.
Therefore, because play is, you will not do without for the day-to-day growth.
But, instead of that play, today, and what to what kind of play, it is not always the same so as to stimulate the brain to change every time, are required to devise a play to enjoy so that it does not get tired you have.
Therefore, sing a song, or painting, dancing, playing use tools, play to perform with or incorporating the play of the season it is different.
The other, also responsible for preparation of the event.
Such as nursery schools and kindergartens, the large number of children, each month, there is a birthday party, the other also, excursions and your game meetings, recitals, athletic meet, events There are a lot like Christmas party.
In addition, the garden, there is also a case where there is a garden-specific event, every month, and prepare.
Besides, parents of the corresponding I perform, but this is, every day, by carrying out, or consider the information and correspondence relating to children, from the important thing to incorporate the opinions of parents, from the usual, important to do in mind It Does not work content.
Easy to change of physical condition and day-to-day children, by get talking about anxious and injuries, since it is the corresponding thing, it must be to cherish the story of this guardian, in the story, child-rearing If you are troubled with, how to talk how to deal with, that we have a good direction, a good thing in a trust relationship.
In addition, although it depends on the garden, by the contact book, Mori Garden teach the children of the state.
The contact book, then you know how to spend in the children of the state and the Garden, by writing that you want to hear, you can also taught.
In this way, the nursery, children’s playground, parents support, preparation of events, but do like, the other also, in many cases, which is also training, etc., will vary by park, the main is, play with children There is to be or contact thing.

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