The work of the nursery

This nursery is said that there are many job offers even in recession, but turnover is never low.
The reason is a high turnover rate is the first thing jobs of full-time is very low. It does not change so most of the jobs are nursing positions and salaries in a non-regular.
Job Description has also  changed the content, unlike the old days.
Job Description of the nursery teacher is first come, unlike the old days and from the presence of a parent, a long time ago is not even a problem beating as one of the somewhat preaching According to the magnitude of that angry After the child is poor, beaten children thing was was for that has been dispensed in the bad. Or come complaints from parents Once you hit the child is now, it might be in trouble. It will also be important work to take the communication with parents.
Discipline in children is very important, but to scold the way, at the time it was a bad thing you must be careful.
How education by age have changed in many ways, the case of the fight of the child with each other or a bad thing, even with a small child you have a story, respectively. That to hear to say neat discussion explained that the person is important. Why was such a thing, it is also important that I’ll hear may be the story of each child. It is that you are a very patiently.
In addition, there are events such as athletic meet and Christmas party on the season is in nursery school and kindergarten, is the job of even nursery teacher to decide this event content.
For example, or dance to any song is determined by the teacher or each other what choreography is good. Because it is an event with a decoration will also be necessary, but is working overtime to be terminated during the working hours, I still say If you find the overtime, but it also increases the place does not go out.

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