Work in the field of a certain sense of tension clinical

Common in clinical engineer speaking, it seems that a strong image that he has been the inspection business of medical equipment.
However, is not the case in fact.
There is also part of the business certainly inspection of medical equipment, but who rather small.

In fact in clinical engineers is, it seems often to work in clinical practice snuggled into the patient.
More specifically, in the field of critical care, or to charge a percutaneous cardiopulmonary support the circulation of patients with cardiopulmonary is in a stopped state.
Because it will very responsible is heavy and important task, perhaps the use of much nerve than such as the inspection of medical equipment.

Along with the doctors and nurses in the field, we will be working as a team.
If you look in the « Job Description of clinical engineers », it’ll be more is known.
If you want to be major surgery to the other, it will continue to operate the heart-lung machine.
As a result, I would say that have had a number of important tasks, such as ventilators and cardiac catheterization.
Very possible that many, this was a true professional that must have a variety of knowledge.
Therefore, if there are no clinical engineers, can not surgery is no less.

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